The Latest Updates on Canadian Immigration Policies for Skilled Workers


The Latest Updates on Canadian Immigration Policies for Skilled Workers

The Latest Updates on Canadian Immigration Policies for Skilled Workers 1

Express Entry System Changes

Canada has made some major changes to its Express Entry system in the last few months. The most significant change is the introduction of a new scoring system to evaluate candidates.

Prior to the changes, the Express Entry system ranked candidates based on their educational credentials, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors. The new system puts more emphasis on candidates that have job offers in Canada, or those who can secure one. Candidates can earn up to 200 extra points for a job offer in a skilled position. Furthermore, the government has introduced flexibility for candidates to acquire additional points for job offers in some semi-skilled positions. This reinterpretation of the Express Entry system specifications has been welcomed by skilled workers worldwide, who are looking to migrate to Canada.

The Latest Updates on Canadian Immigration Policies for Skilled Workers 2

Global Talent Stream Program

Another new initiative that aims to bring skilled workers to Canada is the Global Talent Stream program. This program offers an expedited and streamlined process for employers who are looking to hire highly-skilled workers from overseas.

The Global Talent Stream program is focused on positions that are considered to be in short supply in Canada. This includes positions in technology, engineering, and other fields. To qualify for the program, employers must demonstrate that they have made significant efforts to hire Canadian workers but have been unable to find the required expertise locally. Once they qualify, employers can take advantage of the expedited process, which can reduce the time it takes to obtain a work permit in Canada significantly.

Immigration Levels Plan

The Canadian government has also recently announced a new immigration levels plan, which sets out a target of welcoming more than one million new permanent residents to Canada between 2021 and 2023. This plan is focused on attracting skilled workers and aims to boost economic recovery and growth in Canada post-COVID-19 pandemic. A significant portion of the expected new Canadians would be from economic class programs that include skilled workers and entrepreneurs, who can help boost the Canadian economy.


Canada has long been one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to immigrants. Its latest changes to the Express Entry system and the introduction of the Global Talent Stream program provide more opportunities for skilled workers to work in Canada. There are also many other programs including Startup Visa Program, Professional and Skilled Worker programs, Provincial Nominee Program, among others, that offer alternative pathways for skilled workers to move to Canada. Want to know more about the topic? immigrer au canada comme travailleur qualifié, an external source we’ve arranged to enhance your reading.

These policies are all part of the broader vision of the Canadian government to boost its economy and spur recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. All in all, Canada is a great option for skilled workers looking for opportunities to work and grow their careers in a welcoming and stable country with a high quality of life.

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