DIY vs Professional Asphalt Crack Repair


DIY vs Professional Asphalt Crack Repair

DIY vs Professional Asphalt Crack Repair 1

Asphalt driveways and parking lots are subject to wear and tear over time, and cracks are a common problem. These cracks not only look unsightly but can also cause further damage if left untreated. The question arises – should you attempt to repair asphalt cracks yourself or hire a professional? This article aims to discuss the pros and cons of both options.

DIY Repairs

DIY repairs are an option for those who have a limited budget or like to take matters into their own hands. Firstly, you will need to inspect the crack and determine its size and extent. Small cracks, under a quarter of an inch, can be filled with crack fillers available at home improvement stores. Larger cracks require more attention, and the use of saws, grinders, and other tools may be needed. These tools are expensive to rent or purchase, and without the proper experience and knowledge of tools and materials, it may be a costly mistake. Another consideration is the time you will need to spend on the repair, which may be more than anticipated.

The advantage of a DIY repair is cost savings. Purchasing a crack repair kit or materials separately can be relatively affordable, and up to an 80% discount on the labor cost of a professional repair. Communication challenges may arise if you’d like to make a warranty claim, but without comprehensive knowledge of the products installed or application, your warranty may not have legal validity. Quality work might not always be guaranteed, making the return on investment a possible gamble.

DIY vs Professional Asphalt Crack Repair 2

Professional Repairs

Hiring a professional to repair asphalt cracks can be a good investment if you have a busy schedule and cannot take time to fix the crack yourself, or if the crack requires special tools or knowledge to repair correctly. A good contractor will assess the situation to offer the best repair option and cost-effective solution.

Professional contractors carry an extensive knowledge of materials and their properties for different climates with good access to wholesale materials and equipment previously inaccessible to homeowners. Inexperienced DIY repairs can enhance structural issues and leave you at the risk for future landscaping damage. They also offer warranties giving you peace of mind that if the work fails within the predetermined timeframe, they will repair it with no cost to you. As a bonus, they do the job in a fraction of the time of a DIY repair, allowing you to put your asphalt to use again much sooner.


In conclusion, the choice between a DIY and a professional asphalt crack repair largely depends on the extent of the damage and your DIY skills. Untrained professionals may cause more harm than good, and a poorly executed DIY job can add to the issue and costlier problems down the road. Hiring a professional may seem like the more expensive option up front, but in the long term, it offers more reliable results and can be a valuable investment. Should you wish to learn more about the topic discussed, Crack filler For asphalt, explore the thoughtfully chosen external material to supplement your study and broaden your understanding of the subject.

You may find the confidence for DIY repairs, but every homeowner strategy comes with a learning curve, risks, and physical demands. Professionals are familiar with and know the best tools and techniques to use, which yields superior results to DIY. In the end, the choice is yours, and which option, DIY or Hiring a professional, suits your lifestyle best.

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