Celebrities who Flaunt their Favorite Accessory: Anklets


Celebrities who Flaunt their Favorite Accessory: Anklets

Celebrities who Flaunt their Favorite Accessory: Anklets 1

Why Celebrities Love Anklets

The latest trend in fashion is anklets, a type of jewelry designed to be worn on the ankle. They have been increasingly popular among women, and even male celebrities have been seen sporting ankle jewelry. The accessory has a long history, with anklets dating back to ancient Egypt and India, where they were worn for ceremonial purposes. Now, they are a fashionable accessory that evokes a sense of summer and the beach. Celebrities are no exception to this trend.

Celebrities who Flaunt their Favorite Accessory: Anklets 2

Celebrities who Love Anklets

The list of celebrities who enjoy wearing anklets is long and varied. Among them is Rihanna, who has been seen wearing ankle jewelry on several occasions, including at the French premiere of Valerian and at the 2017 Crop Over festival in her home country of Barbados. Another celebrity who has a fondness for this accessory is Beyoncé, who showed off her foot jewelry at the 2019 Wearable Art Gala. Selena Gomez is known for wearing high-end anklets, while Ashley Benson loves anklets so much that she got a permanent one.

Personal Stories from Celebrities

Celebrities have shared their personal stories about their love for anklets. In an interview with Elle Magazine in 2019, Ashley Benson said, “I have an anklet tattoo. I got it because I love wearing anklets and I never want to take them off.” She continued, “I always like to wear anklets, but I don’t like the sound they make when they hit your foot… so I got one tattooed on. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry.” Similarly, Selena Gomez revealed in a 2017 interview with Vogue that she started wearing anklets because her mom used to wear them and she wanted to carry on the tradition. She also admitted that wearing an anklet brings back memories of being at the beach with her family.

How to Style Anklets Like a Celebrity

Curious about how to style an anklet? Celebrities have shown us that there are many ways to wear this accessory. Rihanna has been seen pairing her anklets with sneakers, sandals and high heels. Instead of the traditional approach of wearing anklets with bare feet, Ashley Benson has shown that wearing the anklet over socks and ankle boots can work just as well. Beyoncé’s style tip is to layer anklets on top of each other to create a statement piece. Selena Gomez keeps it simple by pairing an anklet with jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

The Message Behind the Anklet Accessory

While celebrities have different reasons for wearing anklets, the message behind the accessory is universal. The anklet signifies freedom, femininity and a connection with nature. For some, the anklet’s jingling sound is reminiscent of happy childhood memories, while for others it’s a reminder of vacations at the beach. Anklets also provide a canvas for self-expression, with personalized charms that can represent anything from a special place to a meaningful animal. And let’s not forget: they’re just plain fun to wear! Looking to delve further into the topic? anklets for women, we’ve prepared it especially for you. In it, you’ll discover useful details to broaden your understanding of the subject.


Celebrities have brought the anklet trend back in a big way, and many have shared their personal stories about why they love this accessory. Whether you prefer to keep it subtle with a single delicate chain, layer them for a statement piece or even opt for a permanent anklet tattoo, you can’t go wrong with this fashionable jewelry trend. So, go ahead and try it out for yourself – who knows, maybe you’ll become the next celebrity to join the club of anklet lovers.

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