Casa de Campo: The Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Family Vacation


Casa de Campo: The Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Family Vacation

Casa de Campo: The Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Family Vacation 1

The Resort

Casa de Campo is a renowned tropical paradise that has been providing luxury vacation experiences to visitors from all over the world. Located in the Dominican Republic, this sprawling resort boasts 7,000 acres of lush greenery, pristine beaches, and first-class amenities that cater to visitors of all ages.


From luxurious villas to elegant hotel suites, Casa de Campo offers a wide variety of accommodations to meet the needs of families traveling together. The resort features 185 hotel rooms and suites, each with a balcony or terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea or the beautifully manicured gardens. However, the villas are the most sought-after accommodations, and for a good reason. Each villa comes with its staff, allowing guests to never worry about cooking, cleaning, or laundry while on vacation. To continue expanding your knowledge about the subject, make sure to check out the thoughtfully chosen external source we’ve put together to enhance your study. Read this interesting content.

Casa de Campo: The Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Family Vacation 2


Casa de Campo offers an abundance of activities for all ages, ensuring that everyone in the family has a memorable experience. Whether it’s horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling, spa services, golfing, or just lounging on the beach, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Children will love the supervised Kids Club activity program that includes sport activities, arts & crafts, and games. The resort also offers exceptional family experiences, such as a boat trip on a Pirate Ship or a morning at Casa de Campo’s very own Polo & Equestrian Club.

The Food

The resort offers a wide range of restaurants to cater to all tastes and preferences. From Italian and Mediterranean to Caribbean and international cuisine, the restaurants boast different atmospheres, from poolside to romantic spots. The Beach Club by Le Cirque, one of the newest additions to the resort, is a popular destination for lunch, dinner or drinks, offering international cuisine with an oceanfront view.

The Service

The luxurious experience is not just about the resort’s facilities, but also about the attentive service. The staff is trained to attend every detail and able to anticipate what guests might need, ensuring that every minute of the vacation is pleasurable. Casa de Campo’s top-tier service extends to private transportation, 24/7 medical services, and guest assistance available both online and onsite. For a complete educational experience, we recommend this external resource filled with additional and relevant information. casa de campo villas, discover new perspectives on the subject covered.


Casa de Campo offers the ultimate destination to escape into a lush Caribbean paradise, a peaceful sanctuary from a busy lifestyle. The resort caters to those wishing to experience luxury, unforgettable adventures, and tranquility, making it a perfect destination for families with children, friends, and couples. It’s the attention to every detail that makes Casa de Campo stand out as one of the most sought-after vacation destinations worldwide.

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